Spare yourself technical entangles of domain and hosting

Let us serve as a small extension of your IT department. We help you with mundane IT stuff that left in unwise hands, can turn to be time consuming nonsense. You and your IT team have more important business to attend to, ain't it?

When you have a business that is quickly scaling up, you would find a regular need of stuff like email accounts for your employees, a shift to more powerful hosting environment, regular back-ups of your website data and similar other stuff. For matters as mundane and as important as these, you need to have someone who could keep a constant eye on your needs. Well, you might be happy to invest in a buzzing IT department to put together matters like these. That would escalate your cost for people and infrastructure. What if we told you that we cater to such needs at a much lower cost?


Robustness of servers is important to ensure a smooth web operation. We help you migrate from your local servers to cloud, so you get security along with world class infrastructure.


Once you have got your domain, setting up your FTP/SMTP and other essentialities with your web host can be an awful experience. We help you with quick hosting set up and email account creation.

Data Backup &

Lapses in data backup and a poor down time can harm your business more severely that you could ever think of. We protect your digital assets on such fronts, so you have an unbroken web presence.

Google Apps for Work Partner

Our being Google Apps for Work Partner means more possibilities of easy solutions, for you! We can help you set up a corporate account with Google, or help you migrate from your existing cloud service provider to Google. Better yet, we can build up something that's totally unique to your business, by connecting several applications from Google apps for work.


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