It's not about how we work.
It's about what we do, to
make your stuff better.



Nothing is more enlightening than a discovery meeting. It helps us understand what exactly is that you need and gives you a confidence that your project is in right hands. Here, we listen to you, taking notes of important things you might have sub-consciously said but are not actually aware. The prime intention is to understand your business, its stature in your industry; vis-a-vis the stature it needs to be taken to, with our help.


Before we jump on to the implementation part, we make it a point to think through the entire process. This stage generally involves laying an architecture to your web asset and sketching out an intended user journey. This stage acts as a fine filter to clarify our thoughts and confirm our presence on the same page that you are.


Then comes the technical implementation. Protocols are followed, no matter whether it is about design, development or any other peripheral service. We keep on upgrading our implementation infrastructure, so that whatever we build, is loaded with the best of technologies. We follow a flexible development environment based on agile methodology, where we creation, approval and edits go hand in hand.

Deployment &

We don't hand you over your application or website just when it is made. We take time to set it up in your IT environment, taking care of your migration and hosting requirements in the process as well. Once we are assured of an optimally performing product, we deliver it to you. Post-delivery support comes unspoken of. We also offer complete training and tech handling support to your team till they become familiar with the products, we developed for you.


We are

Got a thought? Let us know. We will add to your thoughtbase.


We stay

If we can handle it, we'll. If not, we'll have someone else do it for you.


We are

We hate hushes and whispers. Clear and loud keep people happy.


We are

Quite the opposite. We love tea more when it comes with you around.

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